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Formative assessment tailored to each student.
Track progress over time.
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How it Works

QuickSense can be used on mobile, tablet and desktop, anywhere at anytime.

Lesson Plan1
Organise to follow your lesson plan.
Get personalised content that adapts to each student.
3Progress1.Reasons formistakes
Actionable insights for you and your class.

Curriculum Organiser

Organise your curriculum


Set your class up for the year in less than 7 minutes.

  • Assign each learning objective to follow your current lesson plan.
  • Questions are specific to the curriculum you teach.
  • Tailored content provided for each course you teach.
Student Quiz



Formative assessment, personalised to each student's learning needs.

  • Questions automatically focus on areas students need the most help with.
  • Students get instant feedback with pinpoint explanations to help avoid making the same mistakes in the future.
Teacher & Student Dashboard

Uncover Insights


Discover where and how to improve for both students & teachers.

  • See exactly how the class is progressing with each learning objective.
  • Identify class or individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be informed as to why students are making mistakes.

Our Content

Year 9 - 13 Maths and Sciences for NCEA or Cambridge (CIE).

Over 3,000 questions for each course, with unique step by step explanations.


See the Results!

All our findings, solutions and implementations are backed by research.
Our aim is to provide the most effective methods in this emerging pedagogy.


Absolute Increase

After running studies with several schools QuickSense improved learning outcomes from 54% to 76% compared to controls.

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What others are saying

It has been a concept I have been trying to encourage my students to go through. QuickSense makes it so easy.
Testimonial Photo of Amir Razjou.

Amir Razjou St Peters School

The Class just ran with it. QuickSense really facilitated active learning in my classroom. I could see my class truly improving.
Testimonial Photo of Vicky Crawford

Vicky Crawford Albany Junior High

Why QuickSense?

Learn why we started QuickSense

At QuickSense we want to empower students and teachers to take hold of education to make it meaningful to them.

Spend less time marking

Relevant content automatically assigned to each student. See exactly where students are at without spending hours marking.

Be informed with data

Understand gaps early to help improve throughout the year. See the progress of each student over time.

Designed with educators

QuickSense has been designed with educators, psychologists and students to create an immersive learning tool for achieving best practice learning.

QuickSense loaded on different devices. Showing student & teacher views.

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